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It is the aim of the company to conduct its day to day business in an environmentally considerate manner by way of the procurement, use, re-use and disposal of all materials and energy sources utilised within the company.

As far as possible all office functions should be achieved by using the minimum of paper products as are necessary for the proper running of the company and compliance with the statutory accounting requirements.

All statutory documentation should be disposed off at the end of the regulatory period by using an external confidential shredding service who guarantee to recycle the waste product.

All cardboard received from the company’s suppliers should wherever possible be re-used for the purposes of shipping to the company’s customers.

Where this is not possible all cardboard should be disposed off via a third party collection and re-cycling contractor.

All polystyrene chips must be re-used for the purposes of packing of the company’s products for shipping to the company’s customers.

Any polystyrene and plastic products received from manufacturers that cannot be re-used should be disposed off in accordance with the company’s waste collection contractor who is currently Veolia Environmental Services (UK) Ltd.

Any CCTV related products must be disposed off in the appropriate way at the Shropshire County Council Recycling Centre at Vanguard Way, Shrewsbury subject to the RoHS and WEEE Directive.

The use of electricity, gas and water in the company’s premises should be used in a commercially economic and environmentally considerate manner at all times.

Our product catalogue is printed on virgin wood fibre from Scandinavia and Brazil. The mill that produced the paper is certified to the ISO14001 environmental management standard. The pulp is bleached using an Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) process. At the end of its use this catalogue can be disposed of by recycling, incineration for energy recovery or is biodegradable.

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