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Ogier Electronics specialise in the design and manufacture of microwave transmission for CCTV, Transport and Broadband wireless applications.

Introducing the Scan-360

Scan-360 is a low cost, perimeter protection sensor with an operational range to detect humans and vehicles up to 125,000 square meters. Equally at home in a wide range of environmental conditions and applications offering advanced warning of intruders in scenarios ranging from solar farms, remote utility sites, data centres and airfields.

On detection of a target, Scan-360 remotely operates a PTZ CCTV camera to slew to point at the target whilst at the same time alerting the operator. Scan-360 then tracks the target until such time as the operator takes control of the camera or until the threat has passed, thereby recording the intrusion for later analysis.
The all-new intuitive GUI has the ability to add maps and includes a live detection screen for real-time monitoring and enables set-up and calibration to be completed in minutes.
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