NetVu offer 360-degree cameras

Part of the NetVu group, Dedicated Micros’ expertise ensures they deliver the highest quality solutions for security surveillance. Combining their IP Cameras, NVRs and remote viewing solutions with Closed IPTV secure appliances they provide purpose-built solutions to meet any specific security requirements.

The SmartVu fisheye camera raises the bar in secure, panoramic video surveillance. It offers a high quality 360-degree view with all-round LED lighting for day and night viewing. Pan, tilt and zoom control are provided using a DM Joystick Keyboard or mouse on the entire 360-degree image – available both live and on the playback image. Full screen, quad, 12 and 16 ways views can be set-up and displayed simultaneously in Enterprise ObserVer - again both live and on playback - with preset positions programmed to trigger alarm events. It also provides a retrospective day and night review of activities outside the field of view of the operator at the time of the live image. Whilst the NetVu system allows the user to export a playlist of videos that record a person moving through the scene without any break in continuity.

With its discreet form factor, compared to having multiple cameras covering the same space, the SmartVu fisheye camera offers the ideal solution for coverage of large indoor areas. It provides 2 x spherical streams, stream 1: 1920 x 1920 pixels, stream 2: 720 x 720 pixels. The NetVu HD recorder records the spherical stream before all the de-warping of the image is undertaken by the Enterprise ObserVer VMS (Video Management System)/PSIM software on the PC.


Redvision release rugged camera housing

Redvision has launched the VEGA™ 2010 – a rugged camera housing for tough, hazardous or corrosive outdoor surveillance applications. The housing can accommodate fixed camera and lens combinations up to 290mm in length, offering protection from dirt, moisture and dust ingress. It is cable-managed, with a built-in junction box making it simple to install and vandal-resistant. It can be pendant or pedestal mounted to ceilings, walls and soffits.

The VEGA™ 2010 housing shares identical features with the Redvision domes – such as an optically correct toughened glass camera window, a wiper to remove dirt and moisture and a rugged, die-cast aluminium construction.

The Redvision VEGA™ camera window has an optional Tru-park silicon wiper to remove dirt and water which, when not in use, is concealed behind the housing’s front bezel. The housing includes a CHAT™ interface board for power, audio, washer and wiper control using the universal Pelco telemetry protocol. If telemetry is not available wiper and washer activation intervals can be automated using dipswitches. The VEGA™ is finished with a marine grade plating and a tough powder coating. It is available in a light grey (RAL 7035) as standard. The housing is both IP67 weatherproof rated and IK10 shock and vandal-resistance rated making it one of the toughest, fixed housings in the security industry.


Hanwha keep an eye on traffic

Hanwha Techwin and analytics specialist Sprinx Technologies have combined their expertise to develop Wisenet Automatic Incident Detection (AID) - an easy to deploy and highly accurate city-wide incident detection solution specifically designed to be affordable for budget-conscious local authorities.

Traffic AID lets operators instantly know when traffic is slowing down and whether there is a lengthening queue. It will also detect broken down or illegally stationary vehicles, a driver travelling in the wrong direction, a pedestrian in danger or smoke in a tunnel. It will even spot if a lorry has lost some of its load!

Traffic AID utilises intelligent image processing to quickly alert operators about specific traffic related events whilst at the same time enabling statistical data - such as vehicle classification, counting and flow - to be recorded. Traffic AID’s intuitive web-user interface allows operators to specify detection zones and parameters and analyse statistical data via easy-on-the-eye graphics and charts. An event journal provides a log of all the events and snapshots of individual incidents. For city surveillance managers who do not require the complete Traffic AID package, there are a number of affordable module options available to help keep traffic on the move and pedestrians safe. These include Pedestrian and Stop Detection, Traffic Flow and Traffic Data.


Bosch companion speakers

Bosch has launched the LP6-S-L Pendant Mount Satellite Speaker - a companion speaker option to their Compact Sound Speaker System. It provides a convenient way to equip open ceiling spaces with sound where conventional surface or ceiling mount speakers cannot be used. The 2-inch (50 mm) transducer provides matched performance to the other Compact Sound Satellite speaker models. The unit comes complete with a UL rated mounting cable and can be used in any combination with the Compact Sound ceiling or surface mount subwoofers and satellite speaker models. It’s ideal for use in a wide variety of environments and spaces to provide high quality background or foreground music.


Videx offer two wire colour video door kits

Videx have Introduced a new 2-wire video entry kit that boasts a selection of colour monitors, integrated proximity for up to 50 users or coded access as well as being expandable to multiple doors and apartments.

The wiring of these systems is very simple so installation is quick and easy, making them an ideal door entry solution for houses, flats, apartments and small offices. They’re very flexible too - and can be expanded to for example accommodate additional entrances or videophones should the need arise.

The system’s features include a day and night camera with illumination, call progress LEDs and an optional second camera input at each entrance for additional security. Up to four devices can be fitted within each apartment with the additional benefit of intercommunication between devices making the video kit a great choice for residential entry. A choice of videophones and hands-free monitors are available in both the 6000 Series style and the Kristallo style with colour LCD screen size options of 7”, 4.3” and 3.5”.

The new system, which can be expanded up to 12 call buttons and comes in their new updated 4000 series design. It also provides either coded access or proximity access on the standard kit that is integrated into the standard size door panel with the proximity reader concealed behind the nameplate window. Additional entrances can also be added up to a maximum of eight. It’s an easy to install, extremely user-friendly but highly functional door entry solution.


Panasonic release 360-degree camera

Panasonic's new network camera range combines 5MP resolution with the latest smart coding technology that is capable of significantly reducing storage and network bandwidth. Panasonic’s WV-S4150 is able to capture high quality images in some of the most challenging and dynamic environments due to its Super Dynamic 108dB. In particular, details at the edge of the fisheye, such as a person's face or an object, are much clearer with less distortion compared to other 360-degree camera models. This applies to both dark and bright image areas.

Intelligent Auto (iA) mode enables sharp images of moving objects through the automatic optimisation of the camera parameters for the best-tuned images in various scenes (using full auto shutter, iris control, backlit compensation and auto image stabilisation). The camera monitors scene dynamics and motion to adjust key camera settings automatically in real-time - reducing distortion such as motion blur on moving objects.

The dome supports full data encryption streaming and is compliant to FIPS 140-2 Level 1 standards to keep video secured. Panasonic’s third partner certificate secures protection from cyber attacks, prevention of video leakage and data on communication networks. This camera is perfectly suitable for applications like retail and banking, surveillance in public buildings such as education or healthcare premises, transportation (airports and subway stations), logistics and more.


IDIS covert modular cameras

IDIS has released two covert modular cameras that are ideal for ATM’s or retail outlets. They are available with either a 2.5mm or 4.3mm fixed lens. The IDIS DirectIP solution ensures simple installation. The 1080p Full HD cameras include micro SD/SHDC/SDXC slots, two-way audio, alarm in/out, true day/night with an IR cut filter and are powered via PoE.

Other features include 8 zone privacy masking and intelligent video with video motion detection, active tampering and trip zone.


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