Raytec launch PULSESTAR for traffic applications

Raytec have launched PULSESTAR - a new range of high-intensity pulsed LED illuminators designed for ANPR/LPR and machine vision applications.

PULSESTAR delivers on-demand lighting to perfectly illuminate fast moving objects. The lighting pulse of the illuminator can easily be synced with the camera shutter via a TTL input to ensure maximum light levels precisely when necessary. Pulsed LED technology delivers significant uplifts in illuminator performance compared to the equivalent non-pulsed illuminators when used in combination with fast shutter cameras plus pulsing also increases the lifetime of the LED and boosts energy savings.

Featuring up to 880W of lighting drive power and using cutting-edge PLATINUM Elite twin-core SMT LEDs with an interchangeable lensing system, PULSESTAR delivers outstanding illumination power at the scene for the best image capture performance from image analysis and LPR systems. Combining Raytec’s field-proven pulsed technology and intelligently managed high-intensity LEDs in an extremely durable build, PULSESTAR illuminators are long-life and low maintenance making them ideal for difficult to access transport installations. The PULSESTAR series is available as a full range of Infra-Red and White-Light pulsed LED illuminators.


NVT FLEX managed switch range

Part of the NVT Phybridge Chariot range, the FLEX managed switch delivers fast Ethernet and PoE++ (50 watts per port) over multiple pairs of UTP cable with six times the reach of traditional switches.

FLEX was designed to simplify IP migration by eliminating the need for IDF closets given the long reach capabilities. Benefits include:
* Accelerating your return on investment by reducing infrastructure costs
* Collapsing planning and deployment time
* Eliminating infrastructure barriers, risks, disruption and costs
* Creating a robust IP platform that is easy to configure, deploy and manage

The FLEX switch can operate in standard mode (without an adapter) and long reach PoE mode for extended reach. So one switch can deliver many options.

FLEX is one of the most energy efficient switches on the market using less than 20 watts of power to operate. It offers power sharing for redundancy, load balancing, AC/DC options, hot swappable power supply and auto sensing 100-240vAC delivering 500 to 1,000 watts of power.

FLEX can operate in transparent mode functioning as a bridge to allow for plug-and-play deployment or as a fully managed switch with high value features including:
* Power management by port for easy reset
* Port MAC locking for higher security and peace of mind
* Simple Network Manager - an intuitive web GUI for easy switch management


Bosch PA – café/small restaurant - typical application

Small cafés generally prefer jazz-style background music and have less need for high-quality bass and sound dynamics. So a normal premium-sound ceiling speaker system will provide highly desirable acoustics. To complement the loudspeaker solution the PLENA Easy Line’s PLE-1ME or PLE-1MA PLENA Mixer is the ideal choice for this kind of venue. Users experience excellent sound thanks to an easy equalising approach and Signal-to-Noise Ratio. Additional features like zone labeling and setting indicators make it simple to use. Easy expandability with low overhead costs guarantee that the system will be used for years to come.


Hanwha offers 6MP fisheye cameras

Hanwha Techwin now offer 6-megapixel sensor applied high-resolution fisheye cameras XNF-8010R and XNF-8010RV.

The new XNF-8010R/8010RV is equipped with a fisheye lens allowing 360° omni directional surveillance with no blind spots using a single camera. It features a 6-megapixel sensor to ensure clean, clear and ultra high-resolution image quality. The wider viewing angle of 192° allows monitoring of wider areas at a single glance and IR function support secures up to 15m of visible distance throughout the day. It supports easy Wi-Fi connection via USB for taking snapshots or adjusting the lens. Its Simple Focus function automatically adjusts the lens focus quickly for greater convenience.

Various smart functions, such as Waiting Line Management for checking the activity of specific areas, People Counting for tracking the numbers of people and Heat Map for displaying the frequency of movement using colours help improve operational efficiency in shops and department stores. The Dewarping function flattens the captured image through the fisheye lens and it also supports various monitoring modes such as Panorama and Split Screen. In addition H.265 and WiseStream II image compression technology help to reduce network system costs with small-size, high-compression video.


AMG 10Gb managed Ethernet switches

AMG’s AMG9CLMP-20GS-4XS-4GC is a Modular Managed Switch with a full suite of L2+ features and 10GbE SFP+ uplink connections.

Advanced functionality includes L3 static route, DHCP server, IPv6 support and LLDP. It also has security features such as IP source guard, Access Control List etc to protect your network from unauthorised access.

The switch delivers 28-ports at 20x 100/1000M SFP ports + 4x Combo Gigabit RJ45/ SFP ports + 4x 1/10G SFP+ ports. It provides front access to all data and management ports and is a compact form factor that facilitates desktop, wall-mount or rack-mount installations. It also reduces power consumption and lowers the TCO by Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az) features.

The AMG9CLMP-20GS-4XS-4GC switch supports AC and DC dual power input (100-240vAC / 48vDC) for power redundancy requirements.


Redvision Volant rugged PTZ

Available now, Redvision’s VOLANT has a durable die-cast aluminium body for rugged external operation. The camera is offset to allow viewing vertically downwards when mounted on a pole or column and highly flexible, continuous rotation in both its pan and tilt axis. VOLANT has a flat, optically correct toughened glass camera window. This toughened glass protects the camera from wet conditions and provides a flat surface for a silicon wiper to remove dirt and water. Optically correct glass means the dome has minimal distortion and the best possible low-light performance. Rated to IP68 and IK10 (vandal-resistance) the dome also passes IEC vibration and salt spray compliance requirements due to its aluminium body.

VOLANT uses Infinity direct drive, brushless DC motors for fast, accurate and silent operation. Because the motors produce immense torque the VOLANT is able to pan and tilt at great speed (in excess of 360°/second to a pre-set) yet holds its position at rest with immense strength. The VOLANT can also move extremely slowly, enabling an operator to track a target or person at a great distance. It can also zoom in on plates and faces 300m away allowing the operator to follow them with ease. The infinity motors used in the VOLANT are direct drive so do not rely on belts or mechanisms for their movement. They deliver minimal latency and military level pre-set position absolute repeatability to within 0.01°. They also have positional intelligence so if the dome is knocked or moved out of position it will recover its correct position immediately. Being almost silent in its operation makes the VOLANT unobtrusive when moving as well as ensuring that no vibration noise passes through the fixings into buildings. The Infinity DC motors produce almost no sparks making the VOLANT naturally suited to hazardous or potentially explosive environments.

The dome includes integrated, Dual-Adaptive IR and white light illumination. A ring of IR and white light, ultra-efficient LEDs surround the camera and adjust to provide optimal lighting for any field of view. Unlike the more commonly available Smart IR functionality, which adjusts lighting intensity with zoom, the VOLANT also adjusts the spread of the lighting for optimal scene illumination. Dual-Adaptive IR and white light illumination is effective at up to 150m in complete darkness.

IP Series VOLANT cameras provide seamless, network integration. They are ONVIF Profile S compliant and have SDK integration protocols for most leading manufacturers’ control equipment or video management software (VMS) systems.


IDIS Lightmaster low light cameras

IDIS have introduced two new low-light cameras - the DC-T3233HRXL bullet and the DC-D3233HRXL dome both featuring an IR LED range to up to 30 metres. Packing a raft of capabilities both cameras offer simple and easy installation with DirectIP NVRs, Full HD resolution, Smart Failover, two-way audio, day and night, PoE, true wide dynamic range. Both cameras have built-in heaters and also support ONVIF. As well as further building upon the IDIS extensive IP range, these new Lightmaster cameras offer a truly cost-effective solution with easy installation, operation and maintenance for applications where low-light conditions are problematic.


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